Routinier BLM Finals 2011

Siobhan and Routinier.

Full or partial training and haul-in lessons are available at our main base, Locks Edge, in Poolesville, Maryland. Locks Edge is a full care boarding facility, conveniently located near Washington, DC and close to many wonderful equestrian attractions such as Woodstock Equestrian Park and Morven Park. Training and lessons are available at other local farms by arrangement.


Siobhan’s primary goal when training horses is to develop them in a fair and ethical way that nurtures their spirit and unique personality. Through multi-faceted, systematic training, she seeks to produce willing partners while remaining appreciative of their individual strengths, and mindful of their weaknesses.

For riders, Siobhan aims to help them develop a correct, effective position and tactful aids. She encourages riders to study and understand the choice and application of various exercises to enable them to learn the progression of training.

Siobhan Byrne riding Wachenheim

Siobhan and Wachenheim.


Siobhan believes in a systematic approach to training that respects each horse as an individual. She is a big believer in working outside of the arena for cross-training and to keep horses happy and fresh. Locks Edge provides plenty of room for hacking and hill work. In addition to work in the arena, training sessions may include longeing/long-lining, work in hand, and work over cavaletti or small jumps, depending on each horse’s needs.

Siobhan enjoys working with a wide variety of breeds, and is happy to help any horse develop into the best they can be. She is a sensitive and sympathetic rider with experience riding everything from breeding stallions to young horses, horses over 18 hands to ponies under 14 hands.

Contact us for a complete list of prices and policies. If you are interested in placing a horse with Siobhan to develop and compete long term exclusively, flexible rates are available. Contact Siobhan to discuss your situation and goals.

Lulu schooling outside in November 2009

Lulu, schooling outside at age three.


Siobhan is a passionate and energetic teacher who loves helping her students learn to ride and train their horses, whether or not they desire to compete. Her primary goal when teaching students is to develop thinking riders. She wants them to understand when and why to use different techniques and exercises, so that they can feel confident riding on their own.

Siobhan enjoys working with students of all levels and backgrounds, including eventers and hunter/jumper riders who want to improve their flat work. All breeds are welcome. Haul-in lessons also welcome.

Lessons and training rides are available at other area farms, depending on Siobhan’s schedule. If you are interested in having Siobhan come to you, please contact her for details.

Rates for services off site of Locks Edge vary depending on travel distance and any applicable ring fees.

Katrina and Mouse


Our team attends a full schedule of shows throughout the show season. We have a fun, supportive group and welcome new additions. Our students have earned USDF medals, been in the ribbons regionally, and have received qualifying scores for USDF Dressage Finals. We’d love to help you achieve your showing goals, whether they are getting your feet wet at a schooling show, or being competitive regionally and beyond.


Sale horses welcome at Locks Edge. This beautiful facility has everything needed to present your horse at their best. All sales horses must have a baseline PPE. Terms flexible depending on the situation. Contact to discuss possibilities.

A horse will never tire of a rider who possesses both tact and sensitivity because he will never be pushed beyond his possibilities. —Nuno Oliveira

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