Shera Solomon of SAS SporthorsesQuite simply put, Siobhan is amazing. When I began working with Siobhan I had already had experience working with several FEI level riders and instructors. Siobhan however, within one to two lessons was able to identify and fix many issues and advance my horses’ skills more then anyone. As I continue to work with her, the improvements in my riding and my horses are remarkable.

I am fortunate enough to have several horses, but they couldn’t be more different from one another. Siobhan has the ability to quickly identify each horses strengths and weaknesses, and provide detailed individual exercises for each particular horse to maximize performance. All my horses quickly progressed in their work and their scores improved drastically. In addition, I found a new relationship with all of them.

As a professional rider myself, I look for others who carry themselves as equally professional and exhibit an approachable and friendly demeanor, Siobhan possesses all the characteristics of a true professional which is matched with her elegance as a rider.

Shera Ann Solomon, Owner/Trainer SAS Sport Horses

Shine and KatieSiobhan is a phenomenal trainer with an eye for progression. Her extensive knowledge base and experience enhance her ability to prepare both horse and rider to advance to the next level with confidence. Her attention to detail ensures that the student fully understands the concepts and is able to replicate lessons learned on their own. She has really helped my horse and I to have more discussions instead of arguments, leading to a much more enjoyable relationship and greater progression in our dressage training. I look forward to every lesson with Siobhan, because I know it will be a great training opportunity. Siobhan really strives to teach in a way that makes her students independent so they can meet all their goals.

Katie King and Shine

Rebekah and LizzyI have been riding with Siobhan for the past year and a half. When I first started working with her, I was recovering from a difficult pregnancy and was so weak that I had trouble keeping my horse cantering. I am also a former hunter rider with lots of ingrained habits that needed work. In the time Siobhan has been coaching us I have made incredible strides as a rider and recently scored 64% my first time out at second level at a recognized show. Siobhan has the rare gift of being equally talented as a teacher, rider and horse trainer. She is one of the most remarkable professionals I have met and I would highly recommend her to any level of horse and rider.

Rebekah McCormick and Lisianthus “Lizzy”

Rulet and Marsha MasonSiobhan is a smart, wonderful trainer who has been really great for me providing confidence and support. But more importantly, she has been great for my horse, Rudy. With her extensive experience and ability she has been able to help him move up to 3rd level this year with patience and finesse, something that a lot of people didn’t think possible. Looking forward to the next steps to reach 4th level and PSG! Thanks Siobhan!

Marsha Mason-Thies and Rulet “Rudy”

I’d like to begin by saying that one of my dressage goals is to ride like Siobhan. This may take me a very long time, but it will be worth every minute. I’ve been riding with Siobhan for a little over 2 years. She has a quiet, careful and consistent way of training horses and riders. I feel like I learn something new every time I ride with her and every time I watch her ride. Last year I bought a four year old filly who’s whole life under saddle has been with Siobhan. And again I’ve learned so much from watching her bring this horse along. It’s rare to find someone who has talent as a rider, an instructor and a trainer. Siobhan is just this person.

Bobbin Kreider

My Appaloosa, Cash, and I have had the pleasure of working with Siobhan since October 2007. Before working with Siobhan, Cash and I had hit a plateau of sorts in our training. Siobhan was quick to challenge us and we were a better team almost instantly. She is very patient and understanding and always positive with both horse and rider. Every lesson was rewarding and a great experience. As a result of training with Siobhan, I am a more educated and confident rider. Under her guidance, Cash accomplished more than I had ever expected. Siobhan takes great pride with each of her students and their horses and this truly shows through the accomplishments they are able to achieve.

Lindsay Jensen

Siobhan started my 3 year old Oldenburg mare for me with 60 days of work in July and August 2007. Based upon the results, she did a fantastic job. This young horse has been eager to be bridled and happy to work from the day I put her back into work in December 2007. Siobhan worked with her until she was comfortable and relaxed lunging, then moved to mounted work. I have owned several horses from yearlings on, so I have had many started and Bali has had the best riding kindergarten of any of them. I would not hesitate to have her do work with another horse if I need it.

Melanie Voght

I have had the pleasure of knowing Siobhan Byrne for the past 7 years. During that period of time I have watched her blossom into an extraordinarily talented and tactful rider. Siobhan is successful on many different types and breeds of horses and ponies. She improves every horse she rides through her systematic training approach, whether it is a young horse just starting its under saddle career or a seasoned FEI competitor. I have watched her carefully start two very different Oldenburg fillies I bred and they are eager and willing students under Siobhan’s tutelage. Similarly, Siobhan has done an incredible job furthering the training of my 10 year old FEI mare. In summary, Siobhan is an honest professional with the utmost respect for rider and horse regardless of their level or ability.

Shari Glickman, GoodNess Ridge Farm

Siobhan Byrne is loyal, dedicated, ambitious, kind, and hard working. Siobhan has encouraged me to do many things I thought I could never do. Every step of the way she was there with a helping hand. She is an outstanding teacher, putting her teaching in perspective to help her riders understand the task at hand. She has really inspired me to achieve goals I never thought were imaginable. Siobhan has transformed me into the rider that I am today. I couldn’t have done it without her! Siobhan is very talented and can bring out the best in every horse and rider. She is truly a remarkable horsewoman.

Brittany Tobery

I have known Siobhan since she was a kid with a passion for horses and very poor instruction. I’ve watched her determination to seek out better training and work with it to become the best rider she can possibly be — which is a pretty darned good rider, given that she started out with a generous dose of talent. I could go on about how much I enjoy watching her ride my horse on her (sadly infrequent) visits home, but I’ll just sum up neatly: If anything happens to me, my horse, a 14 year old mare I bred, raised, broke and have trained myself, goes to Siobhan. I don’t think there’s a higher compliment I can give.

Lynne Flaherty

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